5 Steps to Deepen Your Orgasms with a Crystal Dildo

5 Steps to Deepen Your Orgasms with a Crystal Dildo

When I first heard of crystal dildos, I was intrigued but also apprehensive. The idea of putting stone objects in my vagina was so foreign to me at that stage, that I had no idea what to make of it. But the promises of cervical orgasms and sexual healing were too tempting for me to pass on that opportunity.


Fast forward 5 years and now I have not only used crystal wands – I am a proud owner of a lovely collection of wands and eggs and I’ve had amazing results to support this practice! Within a few weeks of committed practice, I awakened my vaginal canal to the point where I started to experience amazing G-spot orgasms. I re-sensitized and activated my cervix, allowing me to feel profound pleasure and to reach cervical orgasms. I also created a deep awareness of my entire genital area, helping me to sense and enjoy pleasure in new and even surprising ways.


If all that sounds intriguing, I do invite you to consider if a crystal wand practice is something you might bring into your bedroom.


Watch my video to learn if a crystal dildo is right for you!



PS. If you’re keen to get your own Black Obsidian Wand, make sure to visit GoddessWands.com. And use the coupon code ‘HELENA’ to claim your 15% discount on any item available in the store! I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences with crystal wands 🙂 xxx


Video content:

I’ve been using crystal wands and vaginal eggs for a number of years now and I get a lot of questions about them from my friends and clients. A lot of women wonder what these crystals can do for them, whether they can help them in any way and whether they’re safe to use. Which is why I decided to give you a sneak peek into my bedroom practice so that you can decide for yourself whether a crystal dildo might be for you!

I recently added a new crystal toy to my naughty drawer which I’m extremely excited about. And this is something I really wanted to share with you because I have never played with black obsidian before. I have mostly used rose quartz, jade and tachyon but never black obsidian. And this is significant because different types of crystals have very different properties which is the first things you need to pay attention to when choosing a pleasure wand.

I felt really attracted to this stone because it clears unwanted energies, supports sexual healing, provides protection and helps you release anything that no longer serves you. And that is EXACTLY what a lot of women need in our society – releasing years of shame, trauma, pain and abuse from their vaginas.

I personally had experienced a lot pain during intercourse, I experienced sexual abuse and even rape in my life. And even though I’ve healed a lot of that over the years, I know that any woman can always go deeper into her healing and into reclaiming her full sexual potential and pleasure power! So let me tell you what you can do with this gorgeous wand!


Step 1 – Breathe and ground

I always start my self-pleasuring practice with deep, abdominal breaths. This grounds me in my body and gets me out of my head. It helps me to feel embodied and connected to my senses. I like to also gently stroke my skin all over, to bring that sense of aliveness and vibrancy into my entire system.


Step 2 – Yoni connection

Next I connect to my genital area. I usually do that by placing one hand on top of my vulva. It feels like an invitation. I’m not going inside just yet. I’m just asking my intimate parts whether it’s ok to enter, whether my body is happy to play sexually. While I hold my vulva, I keep breathing deeply, relaxing my body and creating a sense of safety which is much needed in any healing practice.


Step 3 – Yoni strokes

Next I start caressing my vulva, just externally at this stage. I like to use a high quality lubricant and I play with different strokes, to activate my sex centre and open up my body to pleasure and arousal.


Step 4 – The crystal wand

At this stage, I’m ready and open, my body feels relaxed and prepared to accept the internal touch. This is when I lubricate the wand and insert it into my vagina, really slowly and gently. It’s not about pushing the wand in, it’s about my body accepting the dildo and sort of pulling it inside.

I really encourage you to try this! Simply place the wand at the entrance of your vagina and breathe. Allow yourself to fully feel the cold touch of the stone. As you breathe, allow your genital area to relax completely, and see what happens! I usually experience a sort of heat and desire, like my vagina is pulling the dildo in. And it feels delicious!

Once the wand is in, you have a few options: you can just hold it inside, breathe and notice the sensations. Or if you’re struggling to feel anything, you can gently move or tap the wand to create a bit of movement. I like to gently tap the end of the wand, which gives me a bit of friction and much more sensation in my vaginal canal. And you can also add external stroking of your vulva and your clitoris.

I usually like to play with all of these options and it feels truly amazing. You should feel arousal, pleasure and deep awareness of your entire genital area. When I do this, my entire vaginal canal feels alive, open, relaxed and activated. There truly is magic in using a wand because it activates nerve endings and muscles that you didn’t even know existed. It feels like there’s a wealth of pleasure sensations and aliveness in there. All the way in, not just near the entrance but all the way up to the cervix.

And this is really powerful because a lot of women experience a lot of numbness in their vaginas. After years of using vibrators or experiencing fast, hard thrusting by their partners, they develop numbness or even discomfort. This is why so few women orgasm during intercourse.


Step 5 – Integration

During this practice, you can choose to orgasm or not. But in either case, it’s very important to finish with a few minutes of integration. That means lying on your back, fully relaxed, breathing in a conscious, slow way. This gives the body a chance to integrate all these new sensations and pleasure and to re-train the nervous system in order to help your vagina feel much more in the future.


So my verdict for my new black obsidian pleasure wand is both thumbs up! And if you’d like to get your own, please do proper research and seek recommendation. It’s very important to buy from a reliable supplier. I got my wand from Goddess Wands at goddesswands.com. Before filming this video, I actually had a chat with the owner of Goddess Wands and she graciously granted all my viewers a discount on the wands – the coupon code is ‘HELENA’.

Another reason why I felt good choosing this online store is that when you order your wand, Goddess Wands donate $5 from each sold wand to Little Warriors, a Canadian charity that helps kids heal from sexual abuse and educates adults and caregivers to prevent it. So this gorgeous crystal will not only make your vagina feel great, it will contribute to a much needed change in the world!


If you feel like your pussy is in a need of some healing and deeper sensitivity, get your own black obsidian pleasure wand and let me know in the comments how you go with it. Or maybe you’ve already played with one before in which case I’d love to hear about your experience!



4 Steps to De-Armour Your Vagina for Stronger Orgasms

4 Steps to De-Armour Your Vagina for Stronger Orgasms

When I heard of vaginal de-armouring for the first time in my life, I was desperate. I had wanted to learn to orgasm during sex or at least to experience intercourse as pleasurable for a long time. But despite all my efforts, nothing was working and I felt stuck. Actually, I felt more than stuck, I felt broken and inadequate. Everybody else seemed to enjoy their eroticism but me.

I kept asking – why?! Why me? Why is this happening? Why can’t I be like others?

But nobody was answering so I just did my best to keep the hope up while doing more research and going to more workshops and events.

When I came across de-armouring, it changed my life. My initial session was profound. I was crying, screaming, shaking but above all, I was finally healing. I was releasing stuck emotions, past trauma and all the wounding accumulated in my vagina over many, many years. I was letting go of a thick layer of numbness and pain from my genital area in order to get to the deeper, more sensitive and erotic realm.

During that session, I also experienced my first ever full-body orgasm and it felt like a true revelation! I was high for the next 24hrs, finally able to connect to my orgasmic potential, finally seeing the light in the tunnel of my sexuality.

Watch my today’s video to learn how de-armouring is done:


PS. Here are more details of the Orgasmic Empowerment course for women and if you’re interested in the Yoni Elixir, you can purchase it here.


3 Things that are Stopping Your Sexual Pleasure

3 Things that are Stopping Your Sexual Pleasure

Are you selling yourself short when it comes to your eroticism?

For many, many years in my life and in my relationships, I felt doomed and depressed. I desperately wanted to be a great lover and to be a profoundly orgasmic woman. But whatever I tried, nothing seemed to be bringing me closer to that goal.

I studied magazines and browsed the internet looking for answers. I tried all possible tips and techniques I could find… and I still remained unorgasmic and frustrated.

Until I learned where I was cutting myself off of my full erotic potential.

A lot of people I speak to tell me that they struggle to experience as much pleasure and orgasmic energy during sex as they’d like. They’re usually not sure what they actually want, need or desire in bed. Others feel like they experience serious blockages in their intimacy and have no idea what to do about them.

The truth is that we all have been subjected to conditioning and messages that limit our sexual experience. These messages often sit deeply in our subconscious and we’re unable to do anything about them unless we bring them out to the light first.

Many others have been subjected to treatment which can be impacting them still years later! This is shocking and really sad. I have worked with clients who were so deeply wounded by something that happened 30 years earlier, that they still struggled to create satisfying experiences in the bedroom.



PS. If you’re aware of your sexual wounding and would love some support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I provide 1on1 sessions where I support my clients in overcoming their sexual issues and creating the kind of sex lives that they desire.


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How Much Would You Pay for Hope

How Much Would You Pay for Hope

When Paul came to see me, he looked like a man who lost all hope. He seemed sceptical and very bitter about his sexual life. I could clearly see that he’d had his fair share of pain and disappointment.


Paul struggled with severe premature ejaculation. Not only he couldn’t last longer than a minute during sex but he also suffered crippling anxiety about his sexual performance. This anxiety kept him from interacting with women and creating a romantic relationship. The fear of her reaction and her judgment was more than he could handle so he’d been single (and lonely!) for a long time.


On top of all that, Paul had spent the last few years seeking help and had spent over $12,000 on pills and treatments that were meant to help – with no result. Let me say that again – HE SPENT OVER $12,000, paying for medication and treatment that was meant to help but didn’t…


I was horrified when I heard that! I am extremely angry with companies that capitalize on people’s insecurities and suffering. And this was a case of extreme fraud and abuse.


I NEVER direct my clients to take any tablets or medication. As a somatic sexologist, I know the power of conscious work with the body. My main tools are breath, muscle control and placement of awareness.


During the session, I taught Paul how to consciously work with his body and with his arousal. We spoke about his experiences and worked with the trauma stuck in his physical and energetic body. At the end of the session, I charged Paul my hourly rate and he went on his way.


Two weeks later I heard from him. He sounded like a new man! He was excited, joyful and extremely grateful. He’d been working with the exercises I gave him and he’d started seeing significant improvement in his performance.


After one session with me, he couldn’t thank me enough for turning his life around.


He reported feeling much more hopeful and excited about finally meeting a woman and creating a sexually fulfilling relationship.




And if you resonate with Paul’s experience and would like to explore whether my sessions are a good fit for you right now, book a free 15mins chat with me!


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How to Create Legendary Pleasure

How to Create Legendary Pleasure

Last weekend I had an absolute pleasure of running a Legendary Pleasure workshop at the Taste of Love festival. This was an advanced version of the workshop I ran at Confest a few weeks earlier.


At Confest, the atmosphere was very relaxed and I took my participants through a much more basic experience. But last weekend, I decided to go much deeper and brought together more profound and powerful knowledge and practices in order to create a true and deep transformation in the audience.


The results were absolutely amazing! Some people cried, some laughed, some entered full-body states of ecstatic bliss without being touched by anybody and some experienced the deepest ever experience of connection with another human being – watch Alice’s testimonial here.


So what did I do to create this kind of experiences?


I made my audience meet themselves, fully. Free from the conditioning, from the hurts and wounding, free from any limiting beliefs and skewed perceptions. I supported them in getting to the core of who they really are as human beings and what it means to actually feel themselves completely.


In the description of the workshop I wrote:

“We are all ecstatic already but most of the time we don’t feel it.”


It’s a bold claim but I absolutely stand by it. Due to a variety of reasons, we live our lives mostly disconnected from the true depth of sensitivity of our physical bodies. From a very young age we learn to suppress the desires of the body and to follow the thinking mind. Think back to sitting in a school class as a child – I bet your body was giving you nudges to get out of there and play but listening to the physical impulses would have been punished. So instead, you spent hours every day sitting at a desk – studying, analysing, passing tests, etc.


Our sexual selves are also under a lot of pressure not to be expressed too freely. At its core, our society is not ok with our eroticism and so many people develop a high level of disconnect from their naked bodies or their genitalia. It’s truly sad because our bodies are full of sensuality and our ability to feel pleasure is immense! But we’re selling ourselves short when we’re in a state of shame, guilt or embarrassment about our bodies.


As a somatic sexologist, I am trained to guide others past all this conditioning and all the toxic patterns, in order to make my clients break through the sexual suppression. I also help them heal the disconnect and transform it into deeply embodied states of pleasure and sensual bliss – in the bedroom AND in their lives.


And this is why this work is so transformative.

Because when you finally get to feel your body fully, it feels like coming home. It feels like you’ve finally broken through a thick veil that was keeping you numb and confused.


And that’s when you get to experience yourself as a fully alive, vibrant (and vibrating) human being. Because it feels SO GOOD to be alive, to connect to our bodies. And the good news is that it’s never too late – to learn to feel, to re-sensitize our bodies and to embrace the fullness of our erotic sensuality. And once we can feel so much pleasure naturally and effortlessly, there’s no limit to what we can experience in the bedroom!


I keep being asked to record the Legendary Pleasure workshop as a webinar in order to make it accessible globally. Please comment below if you’d like that to happen and I’ll keep you updated!



See if my online courses are for you! I offer Orgasmic Empowerment for women and Tantric Mastery for men among my other offerings.

You can also enquire about my 1on1 private coaching packages.


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My Painful Wakeup Call

My Painful Wakeup Call

The more work I do as a sex coach, the more aware I become of the depth and complexity of human sexuality. We all want and desire different things in the bedroom and we all have different ideas when it comes to creating a deeply connected and fulfilling intimacy. And since we live in a society that treats sex as a dirty topic, majority of people suffer some degree of frustration, pain or shame in the bedroom. This deeply impacts our relationship with intimacy, with our bodies and our genitalia.


My own expression of sexuality was strongly repressed from a very young age and over the years, I felt completely helpless to change or shift anything. I experienced sex as painful, uncomfortable and disconnected. I held deep shame and guilt around my erotic desires. And I lived a sex life of quiet resignation – it was what it was and since I was unable to experience intercourse as pleasurable, I just had to put up with the discomfort.


This continued until life gave me a dramatic wakeup call by creating the most painful and shocking experience of my life. Not many people are woken up from their daily suffering by a trip to an emergency room – but I was. And that day, I knew that I couldn’t put up with status quo any longer.


If you’ve ever been sitting in an emergency room in agonizing pain, waiting for your turn to see a doctor, you know just how long every minute seems to be. As my entire pelvis kept contracting in excruciating pain, I wasn’t sure if I was dying or just about to learn that I had seriously damaged my body. Fortunately, neither was the case and an hour later, I was on my way home, free of pain but deeply shaken.


Every single person has their own way of healing and transformation. My own started that very day and what followed was years of profound learning, experiencing and growing for me. I used a rich variety of modalities from conventional therapy to shamanic rituals and every day I was becoming more and more connected to my own eroticism. Every day I was learning more about myself as a sexual being and every day I was feeling more pleasure in my body.


There were a few really significant points of my journey:

The day I learned to work with my arousal patterns and started experiencing sex as extremely pleasurable,

The day I learned to use my masturbation practice to deepen my sensitivity and the sensuality of my body,

The day I learned the basics of tantric sexuality and had my first full-body orgasm with a partner,

The day I understood how my erotic mind works and then dived much deeper into my orgasmic potential…


My wakeup call was fairly dramatic and made me reconsider everything I knew about sex and pleasure. It also led me to discovering my passion for Tantra and sexuality. Your own wakeup call can be much more subtle and can come as a gentle self-enquiry: what do you need to change, heal or shift in order to discover the fullness of your erotic expression?

And if/when you feel like you might need some support, please reach out to schedule a call with me.


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