Who Can Be a Legendary Lover

Who Can Be a Legendary Lover

Legendary Lover is definitely a book to read and study over and over again.

I was soon crying as I began to read it. The sort of happy tears when a lost child finds the way home.
What touched me is the things common to our backgrounds: Polish parents, Catholic repression, the “silent message” that sex is the biggest evil, a life almost ruined by shame and guilt…and breaking free from it all to find true bliss in reconnecting with the Divine.

For most of the book, the feeling as I read it was…orgasmic! Deeply warm, tingly feelings welling up from my heart, gently flowing like honey around my body.

Besides being authentic, your personal experience inspires us to realise, ‘Hey, I could learn this, too.’ ”


These words written by Steve in UK touched me very deeply. Even though the book was launched very recently, I’ve already started receiving beautiful words of encouragement, support and gratitude from all over the world.

My biggest hope for this book is that people will recognize their own stories in mine and that it will give them hope and comfort.


The hardest thing about my life before Tantra was feeling painfully lonely in my experience.

I thought that I was the only person in the world who didn’t enjoy sex, who didn’t find pleasure in it.

I used to treat it as a chore, a price I had to pay for being in a relationship.

Sex was causing me a lot of physical discomfort and I was far away from any type of orgasmic sensations.

I felt inadequate and broken.


The movies were full of ecstatic sex and nobody around me was complaining of lack of satisfaction in bed.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

Back then I would never admit to anybody that I wasn’t getting this whole sex thing, that I wasn’t good at it.


Only when I started studying Tantra and sexology, the truth hit me – barely anybody in our society is truly satisfied with their sex lives!

Most people suffer from some degree of sexual frustration, pain, trauma or longing for more in their intimacy.

Particularly long-term couples often struggle with boredom, routine and disappointment in bed.

So I started to wonder – where are all the people having amazing sex?

And how do they do it?


Tantra answered all these questions for me and more.

Once I discovered the path of sacred sex, there was no turning back for me.

After years of pain, abuse and suffering, I was finally home.


What followed was two years of learning, healing and self-exploration.

I had no proper guidance and stumbled many times on my way.

But nothing could stop me in my passionate pursuit of tantric knowledge and experience.

I kept attending training events, reading books, watching videos, seeing tantric practitioners and doing my own practice at home.

I learned a lot and little by little, I became more orgasmic and more connected to my pleasure and body.

Over the space of two years I went from being completely shut-down sexually to being a multi-orgasmic goddess.


This is why I feel so compelled to share my story.

I want everybody to be able to follow my journey and let go of all the sexual repression we are exposed to in our society.

I want everybody to have access to beautiful tantric practices, rituals and techniques that completely turned my life around.


Sexuality is a crucial aspect of our lives and as long as we suffer sexually, we cannot be truly fulfilled and satisfied with our lives in general.

Once we re-connect to our sexual selves and remember who we really are, we’ll realize that sex is much more than a pleasurable pass-time.

Sex is a gateway to our ecstatic selves – in the bedroom and outside of it.


If you’d like to learn more, you can purchase “Legendary Lover” from my website or from Amazon!


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“The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm” – Book Review

“The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm” – Book Review

Perfectly orgasmic read for both individuals and couples – ‘The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm’ by Steve and Vera Bodansky. If you haven’t read it yet, order it as soon as you can!

I have just tested the techniques described in it and had an extremely intense orgasm. And I have had some pretty full on experiences before so it says a lot! You know the difference between a short ‘release’ sort of orgasm versus a deeply profound, full body experience? That’s what it was! The arousal and orgasmic energy was flowing through my entire body, travelling deep within, with my entire being becoming vibrant and alive with ecstasy.

We all think that the best orgasms come from penetration but in many cases, it is actually manual stimulation that gives us the most exquisite bliss. The book focuses on the manual techniques and describes them in great detail. The pictures are a great addition to the descriptions and you will learn a lot not only about how your (and your partners’) genitals work but also how to stimulate them for the most pleasure. After all, how can we best touch the genitals if we do not exactly know how they work? This book answers all these questions.

It will also show you how to tease your partner, how to play with their arousal and bring them high before you even touch them. And finally you will learn how to come together – how to position yourself and your partner and how to touch and stimulate each other’s sexual energy.

I do, however, recommend, practicing on your own first or just on your partner, in order to master the different positions, types of touch and techniques, before you decide to have a go together and orgasm in unison.

The authors will also greatly expand your understanding of the word ‘orgasm’ as you might have been limiting your experience of it through a limited understanding of the word itself. You will learn how to recognize the extended massive orgasm is happening and how to stay there (or keep your partner there) or how to come down and then up, even higher again.



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‘Women’s Anatomy of Arousal’ – Book Review

‘Women’s Anatomy of Arousal’ – Book Review

I am often asked for book recommendations on the subject of Tantra and sexuality and I recently came across a great read on the somewhat mysterious subject of female genitalia. What in Tantra is beautifully known as ‘yoni’ (‘sacred garden’ in Sanskrit) – usually exists in modern society’s language as ‘down there’, vagina, pussy or some other unromantic term. This mysterious area is usually not fully understood even by the women themselves, even less by their lovers which results in much frustration, discomfort, pain or even trauma.

Well, if you want to break this cycle in your life, then this is a book for you. In a beautifully illustrated ‘Women’s anatomy of arousal’ Sheri Winston writes in a deeply straightforward, easy and fun way about sexuality, spirituality and much more. She sheds light on the areas of female sexuality that have been misunderstood for millennia and gives wealth of tips and practices designed for more pleasure, fun and expansion in our love lives.

Sheri offers women a wealth of knowledge and insights about their bodies, including not only anatomic details, but also beautiful, ancient practices drawn from Tantra and Taoism. The author doesn’t forget the men either and shares with them beautiful ways to touch their partner’s heart, mind and body.

The book is divided into three parts. First part deals with different misconceptions about female sexuality and talks about the way women’s bodies have been treated over the last few centuries. It also highlights where and how we have gone wrong and how this has affected women’s bodies and pleasure in today’s society. Second part goes into detailed description of women’s sexual anatomy – how all the bits and pieces works and why women respond to the touch and stimulation the way they do. Third part puts it all together into an exciting set of practices to do alone or with a partner for a deep and intimate exploration of pleasure and arousal.

So if the world of excitement, teasing and pleasure calls you, delve deep to find out how to create sparks and build the arousal slowly and steadily for an intense, full body buzzing pleasure and intimacy.

This is a great book to inspire your sexuality and to enhance your love life.


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