According to the popular opinion in our society – men can only orgasm once at a time as each ejaculation is followed by a refractory period where he cannot get another erection.

The refractory period varies from man to man, depending on his age, the state of his health plus a few other variables, and it can last from a few minutes to a few days.

Usually, men feel fairly tired and drained after the climax and temporarily lose interest in sex.

After a while, men are then capable of having another erection and sometimes also, they can ejaculate for the second time.

In reality, however, this second attempt is very rare because men lose all sexual drive and energy during that first ejaculation.

And with the international average of penetration time being 5.4 minutes, modern men don’t spend a lot of time inside of their partners.


Is there more?

According to Tantra there is much more to masculine sexuality than this.

We’ve all heard tales of tantric men who can make love for hours.

Most people have also heard that these men do not ejaculate.

Is it all true?

And why would a man ever consciously decide not to climax?

Our society is ejaculation focused almost to the point of obsession.

Men have sex in order to climax and if there’s no peak, the intercourse feels incomplete and unfinished.

I have been asked in my sessions whether it’s bad for a man’s health if he does not ejaculate while making love.

Let me assure you – there are no health risks whatsoever linked to tantric non-ejaculatory practices, just in case you were wondering…


So how does it work

The secret behind being a multi-orgasmic man is the ability to separate ejaculation from orgasm.

These are two separate functions of the body that usually occur simultaneously.

Ejaculation is the pleasurable squirting of the semen while orgasm is a release of the built-up sexual energy.

When the man is ejaculating, there is such a strong focus on the external release of the semen that it literally pulls the erotic charge out of his body.

When the man can orgasm without ejaculating, his sexual energy is released internally instead of externally, allowing him to have multiple orgasms.

When that erotic charge travels through the body instead of being released externally, the man experiences a full-body orgasm which energizes and nurtures his body as the ecstatic pleasure is blissfully buzzing from his head to his toes.


Tantric practice

The practice of becoming a multi-orgasmic man is a process where you train your body in moving and expanding sexual energy through your entire system.

As your body becomes more and more efficient at moving your arousal freely and abundantly, you’re going to start experiencing expanded, full-body orgasms.

Your tools and techniques on this path are breathing, muscle and awareness exercises which are like training wheels on a bike – you’ll need them while training but once you’re multi-orgamic, you won’t have to use them anymore.

This practice is like going to the gym – you won’t notice much of a difference after a few days.

But after a few weeks and months – you’ll start observing changes and results.

Persistence pays off, particularly that there is a very handy side effect of this training – being able to last as long as you want in bed.


4-hour bliss

During my recent lovemaking session with a partner, we had sex for 4 hours straight.

I was orgasming so often and so deeply, that I entered an intense and continuous erotic trance.

I was blissed-out and ecstatic to the point of being unable to communicate anymore.

My partner could see that and was delighting in his ability to bring me so much pleasure.

I believe that every man craves the ability to see his partner in deep ecstasy.

And every man can be an amazing lover but it does take patience, training and skill.

I teach all that and more in my Tantric Mastery course for men – it’s the easiest path to take your sex game to the next level.

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