Art of Intimacy or Intimate Art?

Years ago, I used to live with an ex-partner of mine who was an art lover. His living room, his bedroom and even his kitchen were decorated with paintings and sculptures that captivated him so deeply at one time or another, that he decided to bring them home. The fact...

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How to Turn Foreplay into a Delicious Feast

It has always confused me why people rushed so much through foreplay and into the “main bit”, the penetration. Even more, it has always confused me why I seemed to rush into penetration in my earlier years, even though I knew that foreplay could provide me with...

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What Sleeping Naked Says About You

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sleeping naked! I love to feel the softness of the sheets against my skin, I love the ease of access to different body parts that I can stroke or caress, I love the heightened sensations I experience all over my body. And when my...

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It’s Time to Fall In Love With Me

I have created a lot of drama and heartache throughout my life, both for myself and for others around me. And I’ve done that by struggling to value, appreciate and love myself. This wound goes far back into my childhood and is deeply rooted inside my psyche, my body...

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What Your Sexual Fantasy Says About You

A few years ago, I attended a week-long tantric retreat in Czech Republic, together with about 30 other women. The retreat took us deep into our sexuality and we explored the flow of orgasmic energy in our bodies. We danced, we laughed and we shared. It was beautiful...

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Can You Tell Your Partner What You Desire?

Why is authentic communication so hard? Authentic self-expression and open communication have always been somewhat of a challenge to me. My early upbringing in a very traditional family, negatively impacted my confidence levels and taught me that pleasing others was...

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Does Our Culture Sexually Empower Women

As a sexual educator, I speak to men and women from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, social status, and beliefs. And I get a very real, honest and close look at what’s happening in people’s bedrooms and people’s minds. My clients talk to me about their...

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Sex is Easy When You’re Single

I’ve been recently pondering the struggles that couples experience around their sex lives. I’ve been also reflecting on my own journey and my experiences with sex, both when I was single and in my relationships. And something that comes to me very strongly is that...

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How to Satisfy a Woman

“IT TAKES 1,000 LOVING THRUSTS TO SATISFY A WOMAN” - Mantak Chia Years ago I would look at this sentence and think that the author was delusional. I mean who could have sex for this long?? My lovers up to that point made love to me for an average of 10...

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How Can Men Ask for What They Need

This morning I spoke to a client who complained of lack of emotional connection and fulfilment in his marriage. His wife said "I love you" but he didn't feel her love. After a bit of asking and probing, I realized that he and his wife spoke different love...

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3 Ways to Have More Embodied Sex

We all struggle sometimes… Even though I’ve been actively studying Tantra and sexuality for many years now, and even though I maintain an active connection with my body, my sensuality and my genitals, at times I still struggle with sex. At times, I lose...

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Why is Our Society So Scared of Sex?

When I was growing up as a little girl, I was taught that sex led to babies and that people had it when they wanted to be parents. I was given a little book with images showing two people holding hands and smiling at each other. Next the story took me to images of the...

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Is Tantra Changing Your Life

A student's review of Helena Nista's online training course. by Steve Szubert.   Why did you choose the Tantric Mastery For Men training course? I've been interested in Tantra for several years now, because I realised that I cannot grow fully as a whole person unless...

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