Years ago, I used to live with an ex-partner of mine who was an art lover. His living room, his bedroom and even his kitchen were decorated with paintings and sculptures that captivated him so deeply at one time or another, that he decided to bring them home. The fact that these were mainly classical artists was just one reason for my surprise. The other part of it was the theme of most of the pieces – eroticism.


Gustav Klimt’s “Virgins” and Auguste Rodin’s “Kiss” were just two pieces of his extensive collection and my personal favourites. I loved watching his art pieces, I loved having them around, I loved feeling into their atmosphere, trying to guess what the artist was thinking while creating them. But most of all – I loved the sensual and intimate ambience that they were creating. I felt both fascinated and a little naughty while watching the naked bodies, intimate positions and erotic moments.

And this is why this week I’d love to introduce you to Veronica Blanco. Veronica is an artist based in Toronto, whose passion and interest are relationships and intimacy (my absolute fav topics in the world!). Her work really captivated me! I love the way she uses visual arts to express romantic connection, closeness and eroticism. I think that every couple in the world should have at least one sensual piece in their bedroom, inspiring them to always make time for intimacy and sexual fun. I also want to add that I’m not receiving any commission for this article! I love the art and the message behind it.


Meet Veronica!



Helena: Why did you choose love and relationships as the focus of your art? What do you aim to express through your art?

Veronica: I enjoy working in this subject matter, I found a topic that I am fascinated with, provides so much room to explore and quite frankly, I think we are all a romantic.

I’m mainly inspired from personal moments and the people around me. Whichever embrace or moment that interests me, I try my best to depict with paint. People may think I am painting myself in the painting which isn’t necessarily true, I am painting moments that interest me. The couples in my paintings are a representation of all couples. It could be you and your lover or your friends or a couple on the street. I paint them without any facial characteristics because I want people to see themselves in the paintings.


H: Who is your art for?

V: I paint for myself and I strongly believe that all art should be created as an expression by the artist and not created for others. I do take commission work of course but mostly all my paintings have been made because I wanted to explore the subject. I’m lucky to say that I have people who love my work and support me enough to buy my paintings. It’s always gratifying to see a new painting sold to a new home because at the end of the day, I created the piece for myself and I’m so happy to see that others can relate to the piece.



H: Can you share some stories of impact your art has had on your clients?

V: Most of my clients have bought my paintings because they personally relate to the piece. Either because they see themselves in it, relate to the moment or it even reminded them of a song. Once I had a client who saw my painting, immediately called her partner, sent him a picture and bought it instantly because it reminded her of them. It’s always rewarding having that happen especially when clients are instantly drawn to my work.




About Veronica:

Veronica Blanco is a Toronto based visual artist concentrating in painting and drawing. She received her BFA with Honours in Visual Arts from York University in the spring of 2014. Her work is passionately personal, a visual examination of love and relationships. Inspired by personal moments and the people around her, Veronica explores the intimacy, passion and even struggles between couples. She’s intrigued by the power of the human figure to allure us and the messages found in body language.


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