If you’re like most people, you probably always masturbate in the same way. It’s likely that over time you have developed a masturbation routine that works for you. This routine is a set of moves and strokes that give you pleasure and bring you to orgasm in the quickest and most efficient way.


When I ask my clients, they mostly admit that they’re still masturbating now the same way they did 10 years ago. This tells me that they don’t give their self-pleasure a lot of thought. And I mean – if it isn’t broken, why fix it! Yet, there’s a powerful reason why you might consider trying new things in your solo sexual practice!


If you always touch your genital area the same way, you’re actually limiting your erotic and orgasmic potential. You’re basically wiring your system for orgasms induced by your fingers or a vibrator stroking you in a very particular way. This can lead to difficulties when trying to orgasm with a partner. Plus there’s a world of different, varied, expanded pleasure sensations when we open ourselves to new experiences and sensations!


Would you like to try some of my favourite moves?


1/ Start by touching your entire body

If you usually rush your touch straight to your genital area, try something different and give yourself a loving full-body massage. Doesn’t it feel amazing to be touched and stroked all over by another person? You can offer your own body a wealth of pleasure by touching yourself from head to toe.

Try gently stroking your skin, massaging your feet, caressing your belly and dragging your nails down your inner arms. Caress your neck and massage your ears. No area of your body is off-limits!

Give this part at least 10 minutes.


2/ Breast massage

Woman’s breasts are sensitive and very receptive to touch. Yet most women never touch their own breasts!

Treat your chest to a luxurious massage. Use a massage oil of your choice (Yoni Elixir is one of my favs!) and slowly spread it all over, one breast at a time. Next, take some time drawing circles with your hands on the outer edges of your breasts. Start moving your hands up the centre of your chest and out to the sides along the pectoral muscles. Next down the outer edges and back to the middle. After a while switch direction.

I particularly like stroking my breasts gently with my nails but there is a wide variety of ways to touch, massage and stroke your breasts. If you need some inspiration, please make sure to visit my Orgasmic Empowerment course for women which includes a step-by-step tutorial of a deeply sensual and arousing breast self-massage.


3/ Pillow riding

Most women always lie down while masturbating. They use their hands to stroke themselves but apart from that, they don’t move their bodies at all. Pillow riding is different. It deeply engages your entire body, allowing you a completely new level of experience.

Lie down on your belly and place a pillow under your pelvis. Next start moving your body and particularly your hips in a “riding” motion up and down the pillow. Use it to stimulate your intimate area while allowing the erotic energy to spread and expand through your entire body.


4/ Tease yourself

You know that your clitoris is the most sensitive part of your body, you know that it feels amazing when you stroke and stimulate it. But you also know that doing so will bring you to orgasm fairly quickly, particularly if you’re using a vibrator.

Instead of giving yourself exactly what you desire, tease yourself by touching everywhere BUT the clit. Massage your entire vulva, stroke your outer and inner lips up and down and once you drive yourself wild with desire, only then indulge in clitoral stimulation.


5/ Clitoral clock

Your clitoris contains about 8,000 nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive. But not many women know that the quality of pleasure will change, depending on where exactly you’re stroking your clit.

Imagine that your pleasure button is a face of a clock with 12 o’clock being the top bit, closest to your pubic mound, and 6 o’clock being underneath, closer to the vaginal opening. And now take your time exploring pleasure sensations by stroking different o’clocks, one by one.

Most women report that 2 o’clock is the most delicious spot (your upper left side) and I definitely love my 2 o’clock. But for me personally, nothing beats 8 o’clock!


This is just a quick taste of what’s possible in the masturbation realm. If you want to learn more, I’ve recently released my new online course – Masturbation Coaching. The course is currently available at a heavily discounted price but the discount will only be available for 7 days after release! Use this code to access the discount: SELFLOVE




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