When I heard of vaginal de-armouring for the first time in my life, I was desperate. I had wanted to learn to orgasm during sex or at least to experience intercourse as pleasurable for a long time. But despite all my efforts, nothing was working and I felt stuck. Actually, I felt more than stuck, I felt broken and inadequate. Everybody else seemed to enjoy their eroticism but me.

I kept asking – why?! Why me? Why is this happening? Why can’t I be like others?

But nobody was answering so I just did my best to keep the hope up while doing more research and going to more workshops and events.

When I came across de-armouring, it changed my life. My initial session was profound. I was crying, screaming, shaking but above all, I was finally healing. I was releasing stuck emotions, past trauma and all the wounding accumulated in my vagina over many, many years. I was letting go of a thick layer of numbness and pain from my genital area in order to get to the deeper, more sensitive and erotic realm.

During that session, I also experienced my first ever full-body orgasm and it felt like a true revelation! I was high for the next 24hrs, finally able to connect to my orgasmic potential, finally seeing the light in the tunnel of my sexuality.

Watch my today’s video to learn how de-armouring is done:


PS. Here are more details of the Orgasmic Empowerment course for women and if you’re interested in the Yoni Elixir, you can purchase it here.


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