I speak to a lot of people who want to be great lovers, both men and women.

I find that men can feel particularly inadequate or ashamed if they struggle to give their partners a wonderful experience in the bedroom. It seems that “being a man” means, among other things – being a fantastic lover, being able to pleasure and satisfy a woman sexually every time. But sex for most of us is no simple matter and a lot of different factors can affect our erotic experience.

Plus, women also face struggles in the bedroom, hence the popularity of sex tips and advice in Cosmo and other magazines. Unfortunately, this kind of articles only offer superficial and often contradictory advice. They focus on strokes and techniques that can be helpful but don’t address deeper, more meaningful needs and desires that we experience between the sheets.

And today I want to address this. Watch my video to learn about 3 powerful things that will help anybody become an exceptional lover.

The video content:

We all want to be amazing lovers and create an exceptional experience between the sheets, both for ourselves and our partners. But in the world where superficial sexual advice is abundant, we all can get a bit confused with all the contradictory tips from Cosmo and other magazines. So today I’m going to tell you about 3 powerful secrets of the lovemaking art that not many people know about.


You are versed in the art of teasing. You take your time and play your partner’s body like an instrument. You know how to take them into heights of pleasure but you’re in no rush to get anywhere. You stroke and caress to build arousal and to entice desire. But you also know the sweet torture of keeping your partner on the edge and not quite getting them there.

You know that an orgasm is not only about the destination but mostly about the journey. You are very aware that the best pleasure and orgasms happen NOT when you get there quickly but when you take your sweet time and bring your partner there slowly.


You’re curious about sex and you maybe even study and master different techniques, strokes and practices. But deep down you know that exceptional sex is not about your performance or about any particular technique but about the experience itself. So in every moment you remain present – present in your own body, noticing your own sensations and pleasure and also present with your partner, tuning in and feeling into them and their pleasure.

You are aware that your bodies have an inner wisdom and that following that wisdom will guide you better than any sex manual or scripted performance. You watch out for your partner’s response, you watch their breath, muscle tension, their sounds and reactions. And you allow their body to guide your touch, pace and movement.


You genuinely have a wonderful time in bed! Whether you’re giving or receiving, you know that touch is always two-directional and you delight in every little stroke and caress. You touch with awareness, with feeling. There is nothing automatic, mechanical or absent-minded about your lovemaking. In every moment you’re tuned in and you find delight in the responses of your own body and the responses of your partner.

You’re engaged, you’re keen and you genuinely want to be there. Your lovemaking is always intentional. And by that I mean that you don’t just go with the flow. You create the flow! You intend to have an amazing time, you intend to enjoy and give mind-blowing pleasure and you treat sex as a conscious practice.

And now I want to hear from you! What makes an exceptional lover in your experience? Please share in the comments below because I’d love to hear from you.



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