How to Give Her What She Truly Desires

How to Give Her What She Truly Desires

Do you make assumptions in life? I bet that you do simply because… we all do! And a lot of the assumptions we make are supportive and help us function safely and happily in the world. But there are also a lot of unhealthy, untrue and toxic beliefs we form, often about our romantic and intimate lives, that harm us and our relationships.

Let me show you what I mean.


I recently got an email from one of the students of my Tantric Mastery for Men online course:

“I was on a date last week and was giving this girl a Yoni massage based on your video course.

How do I ask for feedback without appearing less confident?

I was told by the girl that when a guy asks for feedback – it shows he is not confident in his sexual ability. How can I manage this?”


My answer to him was:

“A lot of women seem to think that men should know everything about sex and about touching women. This assumption is wrong and unhelpful, particularly since every woman is different and likes to be touched differently.

It might be helpful to explain this to your date so that she understands your reasons for seeking her feedback.

So don’t stop asking! You will never learn how to please every single woman and it’s not your job to do so.

Your job is to learn the body of the woman you are with.

And you can only do that while touching her, seeking her feedback and learning her erotic anatomy.”


I find this point really important – you can learn how to give her a tantric massage, you can learn to stroke her body like a pro, you can learn how to connect with her deeply and intimately (you’ll learn all of that and more in the Tantric Mastery online course)…

BUT every single woman is different and will respond differently to these strokes and caresses. Most women will find them mind-blowing, others – simply pleasurable. Other women still will require a slight change in order to enjoy them fully.

So your job as a lover is never to be a master at pleasuring every single woman. That task would be impossible to achieve and unreasonable to expect of you. Your job is simply to become a master at pleasuring the woman you’re with – and that will require a lot of communication.


Most of my clients find sexual communication and seeking feedback in bed quite tricky.

This is why I included a special section in the Tantric Mastery course, teaching you simple yet very effective techniques to communicate better with each other in order to find the most perfect way to touch your lover. But you can also simply have a conversation about your likes, dislikes and preferences in bed. And it might be much more fun than you’d expect it to be!

Because it’s much better to give your partner 5 minutes of what they really, really want, than to give them 30 minutes of what you think they want!



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5 Must-try Masturbation Moves for Him

5 Must-try Masturbation Moves for Him

I hope that you enjoyed my last week’s article about must-try masturbation moves for her. This week we’re going to look at HIS self-pleasure and things that men can do to enhance their experience and to create mind-blowing intensity of orgasmic pleasure.


What’s important to remember here is that we are all different and that we all have different preferences. And masturbation is an amazing way to learn about your own unique erogenous zones and your own unique style of enjoying erotic pleasure. But having said that, there are things that huge majority of men find extremely pleasurable, things that are reported to bring intense, toe-curling orgasms and earth-shaking sexual experiences. Let’s explore 5 such techniques here:


1/ Switch your hands

Most guys always masturbate using the same hand. It can be really fun to try self-pleasuring with your other hand. This little tip can potentially create a bit of awkwardness at first but also a lot of newness in your self-pleasuring experience. It might feel like making love to someone for the first time! Stay present with whatever you’re feeling and notice what this technique can teach you about your pleasure and arousal. You might discover new, extremely pleasurable ways to touch yourself!


2/ Vibrator on anus

One of my teachers, Joseph Kramer PhD, claims that a vibrator stimulating the anus can induce trance-like states of bliss.

What can I say… I guess you’ll just have to try it!


3/ Endless stimulation

This technique can produce absolutely mind-blowing results, provided you give it the time that it requires. Start by bringing yourself to the point of erection but NOT too close to orgasm. Once there, fully relax the muscles of your pelvic floor and anus. You might need to squeeze them first to locate them. Keep the muscles of your anus and the muscles at the base of your penis completely relaxed, as you cup the head of your penis in one hand. Next, begin massaging the head of the penis (and ONLY the head of the penis) in a circular motion. Keep going. Even when you start feeling extremely aroused, keep going. Don’t touch the rest of your penis, don’t tense up your muscles. Keep massaging the head of the penis while remaining completely relaxed.

Your erotic energy will start to expand and move through your entire body, you will feel it flowing upwards through your system and it will feel amazing. Still, just keep going, don’t change anything and stay with this technique for at least 30 minutes. Whenever you get close to orgasm, slow down the stroke (or even take your hand off, if you need to) and simply relax and breathe until your energy calms down. And then keep going again.

When you finally orgasm, the experience will blow your socks off!


4/ Oil massage

This is a simple technique that produces extremely yummy results. A lot of men I speak to masturbate with a dry hand. If that’s your case, purchase good quality coconut oil and treat your genitalia to a delicious massage. And don’t just rub your hand up and down your penis. Play with different strokes and caresses, vary the pressure and speed. Experiment with what feels good and try using one or both hands. Explore different kinds of strokes: circles, twists, squeezes, … Just remember to be gentle with your penis and to also include your testicles. If you’re stuck for ideas, in my Masturbation Coaching course you’ll find a long list of different genital strokes to play with.

This massage can last for hours and will produce an unforgettable orgasm!


5/ Perineum caress

Perineum is a sensitive area between your balls and your anus. A lot of men enjoy a gentle stimulation of that area while they’re rubbing their cock. Try massaging your perineum with your spare hand, caressing it, or even scratching it with your fingernails. Experiment with different pressures and kinds of touch to see what works best for you!


I’ve been working hard for the last few weeks and the Masturbation Coaching online course is finally finished! So if you want to learn more, the entire course is currently available at a heavily discounted price. But be aware that the discount will only last for 7 days after release! Use this code to access the discount: SELFLOVE

I look forward to supporting you in creating the most mind-blowing masturbation practice you have ever experienced!



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