Is Tantra Changing Your Life

Is Tantra Changing Your Life

A student’s review of Helena Nista’s online training course.

by Steve Szubert.


Why did you choose the Tantric Mastery For Men training course?

I’ve been interested in Tantra for several years now, because I realised that I cannot grow fully as a whole person unless I integrate my sexuality into the process. I think Tantra is unique as a pathway of personal (even spiritual) growth which embraces the fundamental fact that we are sexual beings.

Over time, I’ve gathered bits of knowledge and practical tips from many different sources online. Some of it proved to be rubbish, but there are also many excellent teachers out there, each with their own unique style.

As time went on, I found that I resonated more and more with Helena Nista’s style of teaching. Always down to earth and practical. Always open-minded and non-judgemental. Always charming and cheerful.

Helena has been very generous with the knowledge she has shared through her blog, her You Tube channel, her book Legendary Lover…  I knew that learning with Helena is a true exploration that guides me to discover what is true for myself.

Nevertheless, the knowledge of Tantra that I had picked up was rather like a patchwork quilt. I was ready to step up to the next level. I was looking for a way to bring all the bits together and expand them.

When Tantra Mastery For Men became available, I felt a powerful gut instinct that this was it.


What did you expect to get from your Tantric Mastery For Men training?

In one word: INTEGRATION.

I wanted to integrate all my knowledge of Tantra into a coherent framework. I wanted to set in place a solid foundation on which to build further.

I was also looking for deeper integration within myself: deeper self knowledge,  deeper understanding of my own nature and how Nature has wired me to work, deeper experience of my energy and vitality…

Tantra itself is like a toolbox. It’s practical. I did not expect to become a “master of Tantra” like some university professor who knows all the long words. That does not interest me. What I wanted was someone to show me how to open up the toolbox and start using the tools……to master myself.


Did you find what you were looking for, in Tantric Mastery For Men?

Yes, certainly, and much more. I could write a book about it. Maybe I will, LOL!

You know, I’ve just taken another look at the course description. I can honestly say “YES” to everything that’s outlined in there. I found all those things in the training course.

And something more……which I’d have to write that book to explain. LOL!


Is there anything you did not like about Tantric Mastery For Men?

Oh, yes.

At first, I felt frustrated that the course is set up so that, after enrolling, you have to wait a week before access to each module is released to you. You cannot complete the course (first time round) in less than seven weeks.

But now, I’m thankful for that.

I soon realised how rich each lesson is in practical content. Every time I repeated a lesson, I got more out of it.

There’s one other thing that I absolutely hated about Tantric Mastery For Men.

I hated it when the seven modules of the course came to an end. I wanted to carry on and on with this course. Helena’s teaching is so enjoyable. It’s like having an expert with you in your own room, guiding you through practical ways to bring in real positive changes.

But…I can carry on. Now that I’m enrolled, I can repeat the training as often and as many times as I like.

There’s also Helena’s deeper course, Legendary Lover, which I’ll be starting soon.


What tips would you give others, to help them get the most out of Tantric Mastery For Men?

Just go for it. There is no risk. If you have any reservations, try Helena’s free introductory course, Tantra For Beginners. Everything I say here is also true of that course.

I’d recommend you do that free course anyway. It mirrors the first lessons of Tantric Mastery For Men, but from a different angle. The two courses really add to each other.

The other important tip I have is to take on board that this training course will do NOTHING for you…..unless you do the work to put it into practice. And the more you repeat that work, again and again, the deeper and more far reaching the results you will experience in your daily life.

Having said that….. Relax. Helena makes the “work” as simple and easy as it can be. Everything in the course is presented in crystal clear steps that are easy to implement.

Enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s about living more joyfully. It’s meant to be fun.

Oh, and by the way, Tantric Mastery For Men also works wonders for enjoying more sexual pleasure – for yourself and for your partner (or future partner), who will love you for it.


Learn more about the course here – Tantric Mastery (7-week online program for men).


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What You Need for Great Sex and Epic Pleasure

What You Need for Great Sex and Epic Pleasure

I love to spend a few minutes every morning, connecting to each body part and creating a deep sensitivity in my entire system.
Sometimes I spend there 5 mins, sometimes 30.
But each time, I reach a state of deep bliss and orgasmic vibrancy tingling and vibrating through my entire body.
When I do this before sex, my partner’s touch becomes electric and the pleasure travels deep into my core.

Many of my clients say: “I’m stuck in the head, my mind just won’t stop racing! How do I get out of my head during sex?”.
This is extremely common and very detrimental to our experience of sexual pleasure and intimacy.

And I can completely relate to that because the same thing was my experience for many years.
From very young age I learned to glorify my thinking mind over my feeling body and over the years I was disconnecting from my physical senses more and more.

During sex my head was full of thoughts and I struggled to feel any pleasure at all.
I had no idea what my body wanted to feel or what I could ask for during sex.
I lacked two ingredients crucial for deep pleasure and blissful orgasms:

Embodiment is a concept I only became familiar with when I started studying Tantra and somatic sexology.
And it’s been resonating with me strongly from the first time I heard about it.
Our feeling bodies are as important as the thinking minds. One is not superior to the other.
We both think and feel and both experiences are valid, beautiful and profound.

Due to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, our behaviours and habits shape the way we feel in our bodies.
Neural connections that are not used – weaken.
Nerve endings that we ignore – start to withdraw.
This means that if you don’t practice connecting to your body and pleasure on a regular basis, it becomes more and more difficult to enjoy the strokes and caresses of your lover.

I play with a variety of practices, in order to strengthen the connection to my body and to increase my sensitivity.
I shared some of my favourite practices in Week 3 of the Tantric Mastery program – a 7week online course for men who want to become tantric lovers.

I can also customize a practice just for you, depending on the experience of pleasure and ecstasy YOU want to create in the bedroom – contact me for details about my sessions.

The very first time I used these practices, my erotic pleasure more than doubled!
I was mind-blown!!!
I had no idea sex could feel this good 

Since then I re-sensitized my cervix, my G-spot, my breasts, my belly, my inner arms and thighs among other yummy body parts.
And the most amazing part of this practice is that there is no end to it!
You can endlessly keep re-sensitizing your body in order to reach deeper and deeper levels of pleasure.
I find that truly amazing 


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Why Do Women Stay With Men

Why Do Women Stay With Men

I was recently involved in a conversation where these words were spoken by a man:
“She stayed with him for the sex.”
I stopped to think about it.

I realized that I had never heard these words before.
“She stayed with him for the sex.”
No, it just didn’t feel right…

Women stay with men for a variety of reasons: for love, for money, for convenience, for the kids, etc.
But for the sex??
I have never heard of such a woman. I can’t actually even imagine that this would ever be true, particularly if we’re talking about a serious, committed long-term relationship.

In this instance, the relationships had been going for 8 years so it was definitely a committed one.


I thought back about all these incredibly amazing tantric lovers that I had been with in my life.
Some I stayed with for 3 days, some for 3 months.
But once the excitement, curiosity or the crush were gone, so was I.
To be honest, I will lose interest in the most amazing lover in the world if the emotional connection is lacking.

Barry Long, an amazing teacher and author, says that a concept of a nymphomaniac is purely a male fantasy – women like that don’t exist in reality.

Even if she enjoys sex tremendously, she will not pursue it in an uncontrollable way, to the detriment of her life, family or wellness.

She will not be prepared to spread her legs anytime and with anybody in order to achieve sexual satisfaction.
I agree and I think that to think that a woman would value sex so much that she would stay with a man for it, is also a male fantasy.


All women love great sex – some more than others.
But for a woman, a true joy and satisfaction in life comes from loving and being loved.
A woman in love will go to extreme lengths in order to care for the man she loves, even if he’s a poor lover.

I know that I would rather be with a man that I love with my entire heart, than with a man who knows all the amazing positions and tricks in the bedroom but we don’t share much otherwise.

Amazing lovemaking skills are always a bonus but that’s all that they are – a bonus.

I do teach how to have great sex but one of the things I teach men is how to fill her heart, not just her vagina.

If she’s full of your love, she’ll stay.

If she feels that you both are meant to be together and that you share an incredibly special connection, she’ll stay.

If she loves you so much she wants to grow old with you, she’ll stay.


So whether you’re a Tantric lover or a Legendary lover, make sure that the heart connection comes first.

Because this is the most potent magical spell you can ever cast on her!


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