Crystal Pleasure Wand: My First Experience

Crystal Pleasure Wand: My First Experience

According to Rosie Rees: “The wand brings about a higher level of consciousness and vibration to your Yoni, sex life, but also to your own relationship to your body and self. It helps let go of the scripts we have of what sex should look like and allows us to trust our own pleasure-based instincts, guilt and shame free.”

My very own pleasure wand arrived yesterday, beautifully crafted from rose quartz, complete with a lovely velvet pouch. I washed it, cleansed it energetically by bathing it in white light and I set my intention. I intended for my wand to bring healing into my yoni and particularly to my cervix. Many women do not experience much pleasure or sensations in their cervixes due to years of harsh pounding experienced from insensitive lovers. I have already done a lot of healing on my cervix but I was still ready for more! I do not believe that our journey of sexual healing and awakening ever ends. There is always more sensation, more pleasure, new types of orgasm and deeper bliss to reach!

I took my wand to bed and inserted it into my vagina. I slowly pushed it all the way in until it reached the end wall. It felt very cold but I found it quite arousing for some reason. I kept caressing my vulva and clitoris in order to bring more arousal and juice in but I quickly realized that clitoral stimulation was taking too much of my attention away from my cervix. So I took my hand away and brought my entire focus to the wand inside me.

It is quite hard to describe what happened next. All I was doing was holding the wand in place, deep inside me, without a movement. I kept relaxing my body, sensing the coldness of the wand, sensing my arousal, feeling into all the new internal sensations, feeling into my pleasure. Probably a sleepy state I was in was helpful because my mind was completely free of thought, slightly drifting off, allowing my body to take over.

Suddenly, a wave of energy and awareness brought my attention back to my yoni. I felt a shift inside me and wondered what was happening. It felt like the wand was interacting with my cervix, like the two were talking to each other causing energetic changes inside me. A wave of rich, potent energy was flowing through my vagina, starting in the cervix. I stayed with these sensations, cherishing and savouring the experience.

I was very surprised at just how alive and vibrant my cervix felt against the wand. I could feel it so strongly, it was so responsive to the energy of rose quartz. Rosie claims that “rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, warmth, healing, joy, compassion, forgiveness, self-acceptance, femininity and the heart chakra (thymus gland)”. I had previously massaged my cervix with fingers or silicone toys but I had never had any results that would come close to this new experience. It felt very healing, like my cervix was opening up to more pleasure, more sensations.

I must have drifted off to sleep a few times and each time I was brought back to consciousness by the energetic wave of awareness and pleasure happening inside me. I was truly mind blown by how much interaction was happening between my cervix and the wand…

As I woke up once again to the exquisite interplay of the vibrations of the crystal and my body’s response to it, I realized that it was getting quite late. With the wand still inside me, I started stimulating my clitoris and soon I brought myself to a very deep and expansive orgasm. Ecstatic energy kept flowing through my entire body, pulled inside me and up through me. I gave myself a few minutes to relax into this blissful state.

When I finally took the wand out, it was past 2.30am and my relaxed body was demanding sleep.

I remember thinking about just how much I did not want to pull the wand out. And as soon as the experience was over, I started looking forward to the next evening and my next healing session with my new pleasure wand.

I agree with Rosie – crystal wands are a fantastic alternative to plastic, rubber, silicone and latex toys. They bring in a very powerful and healing vibration of their own. Which makes them… natural vibrators! 😀


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