This is the image that welcomed me and Rosie (my cat) yesterday as we arrived at our AirBnB – how sweet! 

We’re staying here for 3 days and then we’re off again, this time to get together with my beloved and then move up to Queensland for a while.

Life’s been interesting since I left Melbourne and there’s been both high, ecstatic points and some really low ones.
The low ones are full of fear and anxiety – what have I done?! Why have I left my old life behind?
Did I make the right choice?
Where will I sleep next week?
Will I be able to earn enough money to support a life on the road?

But there is definitely more of the happy ones:
I have never felt so free to do whatever I want to do with my life!
How exciting it is to let go of huge majority of items I own and only travel with my clothes and books!
I get to spend a lot of time with my partner and do crazy, unusual things every day!
Not many people get to live the life of such freedom and adventure 

Since being a little girl, I knew that my greatest fear was to live an ordinary life.
There is nothing wrong with living an ordinary life (whatever that means to you) but I just knew that it wasn’t for me.
I grew up in Poland where everybody was poor and struggled.
I saw frustration, fatigue and disappointment everywhere around me as people went through their daily lives, overwhelmed and bitter.
I simply knew that there was more to life and I was determined to achieve better things.

And now, many years later, I get to say that I don’t live anywhere, that I travel with my partner and my cat and that while I do that, I teach people all over the world how to have great sex.
I think that this deserves a big tick for a life lived in an extraordinary way! ?

Please tell me what’s your extraordinary dream!
And how do you intend to live it! ❤️